Unusual Roof and Attic Problems That Your Roofer Can Fix

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When you think of a roofing company, it’s common to make the mistake of assuming they only provide one service: roof replacement. While roof replacement is one of the main business focuses of most roofing companies, they provide other services that can be just as valuable to you and your home.

Here are some roofing problems that you didn’t know your roofer could take care of.

Heat Loss and Absorption

Your roof is one of the main sources of heat loss or heat absorption. It can affect your utility bills more than having old windows or poor door seals. Older homes that have modern HVAC systems may not have proper venting and attic fans to help cool the home naturally. Your cooling costs, as well as whatever heating costs you may have, will be higher.

Insufficient venting in the attic can also be problematic. This is because, in areas with high humidity, moisture can become trapped in the hot attic space. Overtime, this consistent excess of moisture can lead to mold growth that spreads over the roof and ceilings. Mold remediation may be required, and you may even need some material replacements.

Roofing specialists can also provide you with more energy-efficient shingle options. Slate and tile shingles will help keep your home cool. Asphalt shingles are more likely to increase the surface temperature—and attic temperature—in your home.

Roof Splitting

Every area, even temperate areas like Tampa Bay, experiences temperature changes. Sometimes, you can experience both hot and cold weather in a matter of hours. Heat and cold cause expansion and contraction in building materials. Under the stress of this constant slight movement, building materials can warp, buckle and split over time.

Normally, expansion and contraction are accounted for in a roof by providing expansion joints along all connections. These are especially necessary for flat roofs and for roofs on very large homes. This way, the materials have room to “grow” without any harm. When the expansion joints are insufficient or missing, which happens more often than you might think, your roof will actually split, allowing water to get inside the home.

These splits can be small—you might not even notice them from the ground. A roofing inspection can help you find and fix them.

Wind Uplift Problems

Even though you think of your roof as the part of your home that keeps you dry and safe from rain, sun and hail, the greatest threat to your roof is not from precipitation, but from wind. Wind uplift can cause a lot of problems for your roof, especially in an area that sees plenty of wind from tropical storms.

Wind uplift occurs when there is a drastic pressure difference below and above the roof. When the wind blows, there is lower pressure above the roof, and the pressure inside the home remains high, especially when it is warm. If the wind blows hard enough, the force of the wind combined with the changes in pressure can actually lift your roofing materials off your home.

Prevention is possible. When discussing new roofing options with your roofing company, ask about how each material performs in wind. Special installation tactics, including heavier duty fasteners and stronger adhesives, if you have a commercial roof, can help prevent wind damage from happening to your roof.

If your roof has buckled or otherwise experienced wind damage, talk to the experts at Acoma Roofing Inc. about preventing similar damage in the future.

Drainage Problems

Some homes are poorly designed. You might have a terrible slope on your roof, or you might have gable with a low spot that never really gets dry. Standing water on a roof will wear down your roofing material, but it will also begin to leak. When you get your roof replaced, your roofer should be able to repair roof drainage problems in the process.

Wear from Excess Traffic

Roofs are best left to their own devices. Roofs are not designed to be sidewalks, and you can actually take years off the lifespan of your roof by walking on it too much. Many homeowners like to get on their roofs often to do things such as clean off debris, hang Christmas lights, check for storm damage, install satellites, run wiring and cover the chimney.

All that traffic can harm your shingles, especially asphalt shingles that utilize a protective layer of semi-loose sand granules. Instead of walking on your roof to perform self-inspections, it’s better to get your roof inspected and cleaned every so often by a roofing company. They can assess your roof without causing as much damage and can fix any problems that might arise.


Not every roofing company provides the same level of service. You might have hired a company to repair your roof, only to find it leaking or to see the flashing falling off. Needing to fix the mistakes of other roofers is an annoying problem, but it’s a problem many homeowners have. A company with a good reputation and long-time track record of local work can help with mistakes made by other companies.

For more information on unusual roofing problems, or to hire a roofing company that has a history of excellent service throughout the Tampa Bay area, contact Acoma Roofing Inc. today.

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