Hire a Professional: The Risks That Come With DIY Roofing

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Every home will need a new roof eventually, but homeowners can still experience some sticker shock when they calculate the cost of the roof replacement. In order to save money, some people who have experience with do-it-yourself projects might start to wonder if they could save some money on the job if they installed the roof themselves.

There are a number of risks that can come from trying to do your own home roof, and all of those risks will mean great expense down the road. Learn why trusting a professional roofing company is essential for this large-scale home update.

1. No Work Warranty

If you do the work yourself, there is no guarantee for how long the work should last or if the installation is done correctly. If you encounter glaring mistakes or problems with a roof install done by a professional that offers a work warranty, you don’t have to worry about problems costing you more money in the next couple of years.

On a similar note, a roofing contractor also knows the best materials for your home. You might choose a cheaper option to save money only to find that the material you chose is ill-suited for your home or for your climate. A roofer can help you select materials that will go the distance and provide workmanship to match.

2. Incorrect Installation

One of the biggest risks that comes from installing your own roof is that you could make a mistake in the installation. Installation mistakes are very common, and all mistakes leave your roof and home at risk for greater damage.

For example, a common mistake is for DIY homeowners to incorrectly install flashing around chimneys, walls, and vents. Flashing is what keeps water from flowing down under your shingles around the openings. Some people might even ignore flashing altogether.

Over time, rainwater drips down behind the shingles that abut the chimney and vent openings, rotting the wood underlayer and then causing leaks in your attic. You could then have problems with rot and mold, as well as structural damage to the interior of your home. You could end up needing thousands of dollars’ worth of home repairs just because of poor flashing on the roof.

Roofing contractors spend a good deal of time studying and apprenticing to be certified in the trade as a roofer. They have completed schooling and apprenticeships that gives them the knowledge to avoid making costly mistakes.

3. Injury to Yourself and Other Helpers

Roofing is a highly physical job. You need to carry or lift shingles to the roof. You need strength and endurance to scrape or pry existing shingles from the roof. You need to be comfortable going up and down ladders and working on a slope. People who are not used to the work can injure themselves because they underestimate how much physical commitment is required to actually replace a roof.

They can also injure themselves because they do not have the right safety equipment to work on the roof. Professional teams have harnesses that keep workers safe as they install shingles or metal sheeting. Roofs that have steep pitches also require blocks, stays, and anchors for roofers to navigate them safely.

When calculating the cost of a DIY job, people don’t include purchasing safety gear for the roof, including harnesses and anchors, eye protection, and head protection. They also might not have non-slip boots that are suitable for working on a roof.

Falls account for 40 percent of construction deaths. Roofing also puts you at risk for heat-related illnesses, burns, and electrocution. Don’t take the risk on your health.

4. Incorrect Cost Calculation

You might think that material cost is the only cost associated with installing your new roof. You imagine saving thousands by ordering your own roofing material. However, people generally do not fully appreciate how expensive the job can be.

Other factors that drive up the cost of the job include:

  • Paying for dumpster fees. You need to remove the old shingles, and they must be collected and hauled off. This means renting an industrial dumpster of some sort. Usually, roofing companies have their own dumpster or utility trailers to haul shingles off as part of their full price quote.
  • Paying to dump the shingles. Shingles are heavy, and they must be disposed of carefully. Each load to the dump will cost you, even if you have a trailer to haul them yourself.
  • Paying for equipment rental. A shingle lift and the nail guns for installation are expensive. You can buy them, but most people will rent them. If the job takes longer than you think, you pay to keep the tools you need for as long as it takes.

The savings might not be as high as you think when you do a construction job yourself, especially considering the amount of time you will need to invest.

For more information on getting your roof replaced, contact us at Acoma Roofing Inc.

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