4 Ways to Use Modern Skylights

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Skylights are trending in home decorating circles. Today’s roof-mounted skylights are far more advanced than old-school bubble or tube-style skylights. Here are four ways to use modern skylights in your structure.

  1. Liven Up a Room Without Major Renovations

When you overhaul a living room or bedroom to gain contemporary appeal and natural lighting, you must endure a significant period of upheaval. Windows, room expansions, and clean trim take time to install. You may have to leave your home for a week or more.

Contemporary skylights don’t need all of the fuss to make your home look grand and brand new. Modular skylights turn a pitched wall into a stunning source of visual space and illumination without a lot of drama.

With recessed, grid-style, strip-style, and paneled skylights, you can create a greenhouse look or a serene, sophisticated essence in your favorite rooms. No walls need to be torn out or rebuilt, and most skylights can work with your existing roof structure.

Modern skylights can be pre-fabricated to precisely fit your home’s roof. New skylights don’t have on-site delays while you wait for multiple skylights to be measured and fit together. Top-quality skylights can be installed in far less time than the time needed for a high-quality conventional room renovation.

  1. Lower Your Electric Bill

If you must turn on the lights to read or do tasks in your home during the day, you’re not taking advantage of Tampa Bay’s abundant sunshine. Why pay for lights when the sun’s rays are free?

Natural room lighting is extremely convenient. Wisely placed skylights allow people to go longer without needing to turn on lights.

Install skylights above kitchen sinks, office desks, and bathroom sinks to light the way during the day. People with vision or mobility problems benefit from natural lighting in these areas. Playrooms, laundry rooms, craft rooms, and studies are great spaces for the brightness of overhead skylights too.

Skylights can increase temperatures in rooms if the fixtures are not chosen or installed correctly. Your roof skylight professional installs skylights that are made to reduce heat gain normally created by skylights. Choices include energy-efficient skylights with hurricane-proof glass, secure seals, waterproofing, and thermal covers.

For the lowest chance of skylight-related temperature spikes during summer, situate your skylights on north-facing sides of the roof. If you need the skylights on the west or south side of your roof, position the fixture so it’s shaded by nearby trees or buildings during the afternoon.

  1. Offer a Fresh View to the Homebound

If you have a household member who has a permanent health problem, temporary disability, or other impairment that keeps them homebound, a skylight can brighten up their day.

Natural sunlight offers many benefits, including:

  • Antiseptic qualities of UV rays
  • Optimal Vitamin D absorption
  • Increased endorphin and seratonin levels
  • Effective therapy for insomnia and other disorders

People with anxiety, severe physical limitations, and dementia benefit from the healing power of natural light. Diseases that affect seniors — including osteoporosis — can be prevented by exposure to the sun’s rays.

Place skylights in the areas where your loved one spends time. The natural light helps them feel better while giving a lovely view of the sky, clouds, birds, and tall tree branches. Many bedridden people appreciate looking up from the pillow and watching the rain patter on the glass. These people sometimes feel as if they’re more in touch with nature and the world outside.

  1. Highlight a Special Home Feature

Do you have a show-stopping fireplace, sunken dining area, or mid-century seating arrangement? Enhance the visual effect of your decor with an overhead skylight installation. The skylight offers a sun-kissed glow to furnishings that you want to be the focal points in your rooms.

For a decorator approach, use a skylight over your:

  • Stairway landing
  • Attic room
  • Foyer
  • Bar
  • Coffee table
  • Dining room

Skylights over these home features make them shine as the light gives a sense of endless space to your rooms. You can also use skylights over rooms for the more practical reason of needing extra light for daily living. Spaces where hobbies, homework, and work-at-home activities take place are ideal spots for overhead skylights.

Have a utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing skylight installed over:

  • Kitchen center island
  • Kitchen snack bar
  • Mudroom bench
  • Video recording area
  • Home music studio
  • Bathtub

Skylights in useful spots give character and special charm to rooms. You and your family can look forward to doing math problems and chopping veggies with the big sky overhead. Rather than feeling closed in while working, you can gaze up every now and then to see the stars by night and the racing coastal clouds by day.

Contact Acoma Roofing Inc. to schedule installation of your roof skylights. We’ve provided expert roofing and roof-related services in the Tampa Bay, Florida region since 1952. We’re the local, established, reliable roofing company to trust with your roof-mounted skylight upgrade.

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