4 Metal Roof Misconceptions & the Truth Behind Them

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While asphalt shingles are still the most popular residential roof material, more and more homeowners are installing metal roofs to take advantage of their unique benefits. Metal roofs are recyclable, which makes them a “green” roof option, and extremely durable. While the average asphalt roof has a life expectancy of up to 20 years, the average metal roof is expected to last between 40 and 60 years or longer, depending on the specific roof type and style. 

If you have considered having a metal roof installed on your home yet have apprehensions about choosing this roof material, then you may believe some common metal roof misconceptions. 

Read on to learn about four common metal roof misconceptions and the truth behind these myths. 

Myth #1: All Metal Roofs Are Composed of the Same Metal

Many homeowners think that they have few options when designing their metal roof. However, metal roofs vary tremendously in design, and you have many metal roof design options. In fact, you can choose between four metals used in the residential metal roofing industry.

These four metals include: 

  • Steel is the most common type of metal used in the roofing industry due to its low cost, durability, and environmental friendliness.
  • Aluminum roofing is less popular but often the best option in coastal regions due to its resistance to salt corrosion.
  • Copper roofing is extremely durable and often stays in great shape for over 100 years. Many people enjoy copper roofing due to its unique color that increases its aesthetic appeal. 
  • Zinc roofs can also stay in great shape for over 100 years and develop an attractive patina over time that many homeowners love. 

If you love the appearance of a more expensive type of metal roof, such as zinc or copper, but prefer the affordability of steel, then you can choose a steel roof treated to mimic copper or zinc in appearance. 

Myth #2: Metal Roofs Heat Your Home

Another common misconception about metal roofing that keeps many Florida homeowners from considering this material is that metal roofs heat a home more than other roof materials. This misconception likely stems from the fact that metal can get very hot to the touch when exposed to heat. 

However, the truth is that metal roofs actually reflect much of the sun’s heat away from your home instead of absorbing it and passing it into your home, potentially reducing your home’s cooling costs when compared to many other types of roof materials. 

When looking to keep your home as naturally cool as possible during hot Florida summers, choose a metal roof that is light in color. A light-toned metal roof reflects about 67 percent of the sun’s heat while typical dark asphalt shingles reflect only about 22 percent of the sun’s heat and absorb the rest.

Myth #3: Metal Roofing Can Lead to a Noisy Home

Many homeowners believe that metal roofs are inherently noisy, especially when it rains. This common misconception stems from the fact that extensive noise is often created when rain hits some metal roofs, such as those installed over decks and other outdoor structures. 

The metal roofs installed over decks and other outdoor structures differ greatly in design from metal residential roofs. Many are composed of simple metal sheets attached directly to rafters, and this design does not buffer noise created when rain hits the metal. 

When a metal roof is installed on a home, it is placed over special roof sheathing that reduces the transmission of any sound created when rain hits your roof.

Myth #4: You Have Few Metal Roof Design Options

Another reason many homeowners are hesitant to install metal roofs on their homes is the false belief that metal roofs have few design options. The truth is that metal roofs come in many styles that can complement every home. 

Just a few of your metal roof design options include metal standing seam panels, metal shingles, and metal tiles:

  • Metal standing seam panel roofing consists of many rectangular strips of metal roofing material with raised seams between each strip of metal. This metal roof style has a modern appeal that many homeowners love. 
  • Metal shingles are very popular and often designed to mimic the appearance of other types of shingles, such as wood shake, slate, or architectural shingles. 
  • Metal tiles are also available that can mimic the appearance of other types of tile roofing, such as clay tile or stone tile. Metal tiles can be treated to mimic the appearance of these types of tiles or actually coated with stone.

No matter what metal roof design you choose, you will have many roof colors to choose from to further customize the appearance of your metal roof. 

If you have considered replacing your current roof with a metal one or are considering adding a metal roof to a new home you are designing, then keep these four metal roof misconceptions and the truth behind them in mind as you make your final roof decisions. Contact the roofing experts at Acoma Roofing, Inc., to discuss installation of your new metal roof today.

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